1. Self-Made Man

I wanted to kick off the album with a stripped-down three-chord rocker. This song introduces the protagonist Joe Spectrum on his quest for power and money. Boy do things change for him!

I wrote this song at 5am at O'Hare airport waiting for an early morning flight to New York. Rob did a great job on the vocals and rhythm guitar. I played the primitive guitar solos and bass. Best of all there's a cowbell solo.


I'm working five to nine
I don't get no overtime
I'm a self-made man
With something to say
I'm gonna rule the world
So get out of my way

Self-made man, self-made man
Gotta get ahead any way I can
Self-made man, self-made man
Don't you mess with my master plan

Every day I'm out on the make
I know what I need
I don't need what I take
I'm a self-made man
Looking for fun
Self-made man, I don't need anyone

I'm a self-made man
In my shark-skin suit
You ain't fit to shine my shoes
I'm always on the move
Ready to go
If I want your opinion
I'll let you know

Self-made man, self-made man
I'm the guy no one understands
Self-made man, self-made man
I need a self-made girl
To make me what I am