This song introduces Louden Metal. Louden's the older protégé of the younger, better looking Joe. He's toiling away in some obscure corporate basement and discovers a cache of musical instruments. Louden urges Joe to create a band and underground movement. But Louden's got his own issues.

This song was intended as a 60's romp and Rob's spiraling lead guitar took it to a whole other level. I played the B3 keyboards giving it a vaguely sinister Stranglers sound. Miles Fender did a phenomenal job mixing it all into a psychedelic soup.


Deep in the corporate basement
In a store room where no one goes
Is a place of hidden ideas
And secrets nobody knows
Step inside my world
Where the rules are all a blur

Have you ever wondered
Where banned ideas go?
Who will watch the watchers
When no one is in control?
Step inside my world
You'll see that it's absurd
Words, colors, sights and sounds
Visions swirling all around
A world in 5/4 time
I'm going out of my mind

Systems control the people
Recorded lives stored on shelves
The secret to controlling people
Are the chains they put on themselves
Step inside my world
Won't you take control?