1. The Creeper

This was the first song I wrote and it set the stage for the whole story about a surveillance government, a menacing antagonist and the underground movement. In this song, The Creeper is enlisting Eva to do his bidding against the underground. Rick delivered wonderfully on the vocals, edging up the energy with each verse until it becomes psychotic. Ruby's backing vocals gave it an early '70s sheen. The bridge is a tribute to Dave Brubeck's "Take 5" because it seemed like a cool idea. I played a surprisingly decent lead guitar solo and it only took 20 takes.


I'm watching over you
Watching what you do
I'm watching every day
So watch out what you say

'Cuz I'm the Creeper
You'll be his keeper
Or I'll make you pay

There are dark forces 'round
Making desperate sounds
You're watching dawn to dusk
You don't know who to trust

You're a creeper
You're in deeper
Now you're one of us…

We've seen you out there
We know where you go
You're nothing special
Don't think you know
More than us
It could get dangerous
No one cares what happens to you
No one's coming to your rescue
We know about you, Eva...

If you don't get in line
I can ease your mind
I'll hollow out your brain
'Til nothing remains

We're all creepers
I'm the leader
Nothing's ever gonna change!