1. Secret Lover

This song introduces the fourth major character, Eva Arduiana, Joe's love interest. She's the most complex character, commanded by the Creeper to infiltrate the underground, but destined to fall in love with Joe.


I'm from special branch
Deep under cover
Looking for my secret lover
Secret lover, ooh
These are the lies we tell one another

In the darkness of winter
At the Carnival of Light
I'm on a secret rendez-vous
To meet you tonight

I'm always watching
From the underground
I'm taking pictures
Gonna take you down
You never know what you'll find
When you get in bed
With the other side

Never say I love you
Never tell a soul
Never trust anyone
In this world

Never say I love you
In this world of hate
Never say I love you
Now it's too late

When you work in special branch
It's always a struggle
But I'll remember you
My secret lover
Secret lover, secret lover
These are the lies we tell one another