1. C'mon Eva

Another two-minute, three-chord rocker, inspired by The Ramones. I wrote the music in about five minutes on a Summer's afternoon and the lyrics took about ten more sitting at the beach. It's got some roots rock references and ominous foreshadowing. Who knows what's in Eva's heart?


C'mon Eva
Won't you dance with me?
C'mon Eva take a chance on me
'Cuz I'm the one
That can set you free

Eva don't like modern jazz
They always play it too darn fast
She can't stand all that wailing sax
Says it sounds like a heart attack
Dreadfully boring
Fit for Hermann Göring
Eva says it's such a drag

Eva can't dance to rock 'n' roll
Can't find the beat
To save her soul
Skintight jeans and a lacy top
Her legs are long
They just don't stop
She looks fantastic
But she trips the light spastic
You better get Eva off the floor

Eva's been there from the start
So perfect
Like she's playing a part
Eva always looks so very fine
But she's living on borrowed time
Who's she talking to?
Has she forsaken you?
Who knows what's in Eva's heart?