This song tells us more about The Creeper and his plans. It's got a typical blues style with a slightly creepy I-IV-VI progression. Rick's vocals reveal a more human side of The Creeper. Ruby delivered a haunting backing vocal. When I first asked Rob for a blues solo on this he wasn't sure what that meant, but he sure came through with the goods.


I see people every day
So busy they can't change
Input devices on at all times
Always connected, always online
No one's a stranger
When everyone's known
Wherever you go
You're never alone

The stream of updates
Never runs dry
A lifetime of dreams float on by
People judge every move you make
And all the plans
That you forsake
Eyes always watching
Down every road
Wherever you go
You're never alone

Compulsive consumption
Throughout the land
Information, isolation
Is part of the plan
One day you'll wake up
And wonder what matters
To me it's heaps of
Discarded data
You'll wish that you had been warned
Because you're always alone