This was one of the toughest songs to finish; I could never get the bass part exactly how I wanted it and I couldn't figure out a proper lead guitar. The song was on the chopping block a few times, but Travis provided some great lead guitar work and rescued it. I recorded three takes of Travis, all of which were perfect. Then I got the idea to use all of them, like a Greek chorus that builds in intensity. The next morning, I bashed out the lyrics in a coffee-fueled frenzy inspired by the Danish concept of Janteloven. The Creeper is putting Eva in her place in society.


You're so very special
A cog in a beautiful machine
You play the part
Of a broken heart
Longing to be free
It's a dangerous time
To be on your own

Everyone thinks you're so special
You've got that look, I'll agree
But when I look a little bit closer
You're not so different from me
It's a dangerous time
To be on your own

You're not so very special
No one cares what you do
You can't teach us anything
That we don't want you to
It's a dangerous time
To be on your own

What makes you think
You're so special?
That you know more than we do?
Don't you know that we all know
A few things about you, too
It's a dangerous time
Now you're on your own