The "Enigmatic Suite in E" includes three separate songs that all came together to tell the story. Rob delivered a cinematic guitar solo in Escape from Mars that transformed the song into the tale of an epic battle of the underground movement against the government. The spoken voice is from a Czech Numbers Station broadcast.


When I was younger
I had nothing but time
Now my days are numbered
No longer prime
I've got to heed the battle cry
No time to waste
Time to die

A lifetime of moments
That you wouldn't believe
Now they're frozen
They're lost in a dream
We'll bleed the bastards dry
No time to waste
Time to die
Snow is falling
Fog is rising
I hear voices calling
Is the baby crying?
No time left to wonder why
My number's up
Time to die

No use denying
Time is fleeting
Will you guide me?
I'm barely breathing
No time left to wonder why
My number's up…

Escape from Mars (Instrumental)

When the hammer
Came down on you
I thought that we were through
Save your breath
There's nothing left
No one can pull us through
When the hammer came down
It beat you to the ground

I stopped believing all their lies
The revolution won't be trivialized
Every voice has a choice
That's what they don't realize
When the hammer comes down
What it strikes becomes strong

A million voices
From the underground
You'll never take us down
We'll sing our songs all night long
Growing ever loud
We'll knock that hammer down
You know it won't be long